Tusky Boars team review

This was probably the most fun season I’ve had playing LD2L, maybe even playing any league. Team synergy was very good and everyone was PMA. It’s not often that you have 5 players that don’t tilt. The discord was pretty active discussing strats and scouting, which was nice, because I love theorycrafting.
So let’s get into the player review…


I wasn’t sure what to expect when Roar drafted me this season. He was the only person on the team that I had played a significant amount of games with, and most of our team members I hadn’t even heard of, but I knew at least I would be laning with a familiar face. He kept it calm, cool and collected even when I was f̶e̶e̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ creating space. Very good drafting knowledge, solid carry player, solid captain.

I never got to play pudge


I feel like Sora is Yumi’s younger brother. He beats most mids in a 1v1, but if you give him his cheese it’s an absolute stomp. Also, neither of them can seem to win with meepo. :krappa:
He was very active in discord and the two of us have a 70% win rate together, so the synergy was solid. If he’s not a first round pick next season y’all are dumb.


Another first round pick for sure. Give this man axe and there’s no way you can lose with a cumulative KDA of 11/0/26 in the grand finals. People are too afraid of my oracle and not afraid enough of this monster of an offlaner. If Sora is Yumi’s younger brother, this guy is Ceb.

You’re in the jungle and this guy slaps your supports ass. Wyd?


The flavor flav to my chuck D. Deathrocket was the official team hype man.

Deathrocket IRL

As a ‘run at you’ type player, this man is always down to clown. He has no fear, only determination. One second you’re farming a jungle camp, the next he’s balls deep in your crystal maiden. Tons of fun to play with.

Shout outs to Waffz, whose farming patterns put us in the grand finals, Galo for standing in for us, and Bibleman for the mid-season rivalry.